About Jessi  La Main

Jessi Rae is a Pacific Northwest native with strong roots in the PDX community. From a young age, Jessi spent her time studying a variety of instruments!  This developed into a passion for music that is still burning like an Oregon Coast beach bonfire to this day! You name it, she plays it! Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Piano, Sax, even the Kazoo! 

Jessi Rae La Main participated in Oregon Crusaders drum corps, studied music education at Portland State University for a period of time and has played in successful Portland bands such as Sacred Road Country Band, Southern Grace, TLS Journey,  and more. 

Jessi is an animal lover, Equal rights supporter, and is madly in love with her wife and kids. She believes music carries a big message of love and freedom.                                                               


About Keith Hatfield AKA Big Daddy 

Keith "Big Daddy" Hatfield Keith Is a classically trained symphony percussionist and drumset player. He has appeared on many recordings including Britain's Glyn Havard (Jade Warrior), John McDonald (San Diego Blues Hall Of Fame), and Al Perez (The Barry Manilow Of Mexico). In addition to performing and recording with Jessi La Main, Keith is also working on his solo CD "VooDoo BBQ". All Instrumentation is done by Keith, or programmed computer generated voices. Keith started his professional musical career at the age of 15 playing drums for one of the PNW's 1st punk bands, recognized on the PNW Bands website. The Tu-2 Band was the 1st band to play the infamous Vortex Music Festival held at Oregon's McIver State Park. Keith uses Gon Bops Hand Drums, Wuhan Cymbals, and Gongs, Zildjian Cymbals, Tama Drums, and Simmons Electronic Drums.